Argestes is a duskborn diplomat of the Tribe of Sky and an administrator in his chief's palace. He welcomes Sabazios and the others when they return from the Ore Tribe.


Sky of Stone

Argestes is present when Sabazios and the rest of the group arrive at Caelus's palace. He welcomes Sabazios and has a short conversation with him, assuring him that they're not too late and that the trial will take place the next noon. He offers to take Geb and Iris to their rooms before Sabazios reminds him to talk to Caelus, so Argestes tells his friend to do so instead. Sabazios informs him of Sedna and Karzelek staying at the Claws as well, which Argestes doesn't seem to mind, so Sabazios agrees to talk to Caelus instead of him. After ensuring that the companions are well, Argestes takes Geb and the others to their rooms.


Argestes's feathers are of a similar lavender color as Sabazios's, and he is said to be plump.


Argestes is a rather social person with an optimistic and friendly attitude. He has a fast voice and often repeats and contradicts himself in his speech without realizing it, which he claims to do because of his excitement. This is a behavior that irritates Sabazios, but Argestes is unaware of that as well. In spite of the quantity and quickness of his words, however, he still manages to stay formal and polite.



The two of them seem to be friends, although it is unknown to what degree. Argestes apparently likes him a lot, but Sabazios is also shown to be a bit irritated by the other's extroverted personality.


"Sabazios, my friend! You have returned. And with just the right news, I see." - to Sabazios when he returns from the Ore Tribe with Geb and the others

"You're already expected, that is true. But you are not too late, by no means. Just in time, I'd say. I will inform Caelus immediately. Then the trial can take place tomorrow at noon. After all, we can't lose any time." - contradicting himself

"There we are! The room for the young gentlemen and their companions. All the rooms on this floor are free to you; after all, we don't want you to feel enclosed. Now if the young ladies would follow me... " - when taking the friends to their rooms


  • Argestes is a god of Roman mythology. He impersonates the west by south wind.