Forest of Flames is the second book in the Elysian Elements series. Written in 2017, it follows the journey of Geb, Iris, and their friends across the continent Zesto.


Geb and Iris may have defeated the Shadows once, but their journey is far from over. Still dealing with the shocking revelations learned in Sky Tribe territory, the friends head to Zesto, hoping that Fuocith, Keeper of Fire, can give them their urgently needed answers. But across the ocean, all they find is death, cruelty - and danger. The Fire Tribe is all but welcoming to them, and yet, when one of their new enemies gets attacked by an even bigger threat, the friends don't hesitate to help him, even if it means a detour from their plan.

Between reptiles as big as houses and sentient trees, the Shadows are not the only problem the four friends have to face. A mysterious stranger follows their every move, an old enemy returns... and the biggest threat to their mission might in fact be one of their own.

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Part 1: Fire


Part 2: Forest


Part 3: Water





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Fire Tribe

Tribe of Sky

Water Tribe

Ore Tribe

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Forest of Flames Chapters
 Prologue  Prologue
 One: Fire  1: Into the Unknown2: The Gift3: Travel by Snake4: Scorch Lines5: Wars to Be Won6: Impure Business7: Dark Fire
 Two: Forest  8: Smoke and Feathers9: Midnight10: Heart of the Forest11: The Ones We Love12: Shadow Dance13: Makeshift Solution14: A New Beginning15: Eye of the Storm16: Traitors17: The Return18: Wildfire Hill
 Three: Water  19: Answers20: Ancamna Falls21: Against the Flow22: Starry Night
 Epilogue  Epilogue