The Keepers' Sites are the locations where the Keepers can usually be found. There is one site for each Keeper, spread across all of Elysia and located in the "eyes" of the landmasses that resemble the Keepers.

Pit of Terrai

The Pit of Terrai is a canyon-like structure situated north of the big rainforest in the center of Xiro. Terrai, the Keeper of Earth, resides here.

Ember Mountain

Ember Mountain is a volcano in the northern half of Zesto. Fuocith, the Keeper of Fire, resides here, but Sirsir mentions that she roams all of the Fire Tribe's territory, which is likely the reason the volcano is not named after her. However, there is a harbor and bay area known as Fuocith's Teeth.

Peak of Aricel

The Peak of Aricel is the tallest mountain in Xiro and possibly all of Elysia. It is surrounded by a lake and is situated northeast of Beak Bay. Aricel, the Keeper of Sky, resides here.

Lake of Acquois

The Lake of Acquois is an enormous lake in the southern half of Zesto. Acquois, the Keeper of Water, resides here.

Plain of Lumeon