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Dawn of Darkness Writing Progress:

Chapter 05 / 22 (22.73%)

In the world of Elysia, eight tribes of Elmen - creatures granted the powers of a specific element - have lived together for centuries. But they have also lived in fear: Lumeon, the godlike Keeper of light itself, has shared a prophecy that speaks of great darkness taking over the planet. Only the foretold Hero of Light can stop it and its minions, the Shadows, from destroying the world.

The year 1,000 - the year of darkness - is halfway over, and while the Shadows' attacks have grown more vicious, the Hero of Light is nowhere to be seen. Geb, a young guard of the Earth Tribe, can't continue watching how more and more Elmen succumb to the dark forces. Together with his newfound friend, the Sky Elmin Iris, and their animal companions, he sets out to find the Hero of Light on his own - not realizing that by doing so, they are not only putting their own lives at stake, but also rekindling the spark of a war long over...