Topaz (German: Topas) is a guard of the Ore Tribe. She is only seen briefly, guarding Enki's spire.


Sky of Stone

Topaz is seen guarding the violet entrance of Spectralia's spire with another Ore Elm when Iris and Sedna want to talk to Enki. She refuses to let them pass and even points her spear at them when they don't leave immediately. However, when Heimdall appears and takes the side of the girls, she is audibly surprised and grudgingly lets them pass.


Topaz has blue horns, like other Ore Elmen whose vocation is that of a guard. She carries a spear.


Just like most other Ore Elmen, Topaz seems to distrust Elmen from other tribes. She refuses to let them visit Enki, even when given counter arguments. She only drops her resistance when Heimdall, the captain of the city guard, tells her that Iris and Sedna are with him. She seems to be loyal to her tribe and doesn't object to her superiors' orders.


"Leave. Or do we have to make you?" - to Iris and Sedna


  • Topaz is a mineral appearing in several varieties, one of them being blue.